Details of BP Epsilon project bagged by P Mohamed ali’ s Galfar

Galfar Engineering & Contracting SAOG is one of the largest and most trusted construction companies of Oman with its large share of work performed in the area of oil and gas, bridges, civil construction, roads and utilities and many other areas. Since its inception in the year 1972, the company has been performing impeccably in the areas of engineering, construction, procurement, operations and project management. It has been earning exceptional shareholder trust and is considered one of the best stocks to purchase on the Muscat Securities Market.


In the past few years, the company has undertaken some of the large scale projects in Muscat and the entire Oman including projects for Oman Petroleum Development, some of the major hospitals, palaces, stadiums, ports, harbours, roads and bridges sector. The company has witnessed some of its best and most successful partnerships with Petrofac, Snamprogetti, Bechtel, Daewoo. It has also received accolades for the projects including the development of the Salalah International Airport, Ras Al Hadd Airport, New Darsait Sewerage plant and a number of other such projects.


One of the most recent projects that has to be spoken about in detail is the BP Epsilon project bagged by the company. This $ 10.05 million construction contract for the installation of a 26 kilo metre overhead line in the Sultanate of Oman, is considered one of the biggest project of the year. The project includes the installation and commissioning of a 26 kilo metre overhead line on concrete poles or steel towers from the Petroleum Development, Oman Musallam 132 kV sub – station to the proposed BP Khazzan 132 kV switchyard. In addition to the installation, the company which is spearheaded by P Mohamed Ali, has also been awarded the construction and commissioning of the 132kV switchyard and control building at Khazzan field.


BP signed an exploration and production agreement with the Government of Oman in the year 2007, whereby the areas including Block 61, Khazzan and Makarem gas field were intended to be developed. This project is as a result of the Government of Oman wanting to explore and develop the use of unconventional resources in the Sultanate of Oman. These places face problems in respect of water supply and export of gas, which the Sultanate aims to resolve with this project. The Khazzan project will provide new gas supply to the Sultanate of Oman on a significant scale by the year 2017, with production of around 1 billion cubic feet of gas per day. This would mean an increase of around a third of the entire Oman’s total daily domestic gas supply.


It is quite important to use the untapped energy resources, due to the constant threat of running out of the energy resources that are currently being used. The gas reservoirs of Oman are a hugely untapped resource, which can fuel a lot of the daily requirements of the people of the Sultanate of Oman. This project is the first phase to the entire project of tapping in the unconventional power resources in the entire area of the Gulf.

Galfar bags ‘Contractor of the Year’ award

Galfar bags ‘Contractor of the Year’ awardGalfar Engineering and Contracting has bagged the ‘Contractor of the Year 2015.’ This award has been initiated by the Oil and Gas Year Magazine published by the Ministry of Oil and Gas, Ministry of Oman. This award epitomizes the appreciation for the contribution of Galfar to the oil and gas industry of the country.

Galfar Engineering and Contracting SAOG is the largest construction company in Oman with excellence in Oil and Gas, Roads and Bridges and Civil and Utilities operating not just in Oman but all over the Gulf Cooperation Council. Established in 1972 in Muscat, the company under an able and dynamic management has shown excellent growth over the years and is today a Public Limited Company listed in the Muscat Securities Market. The company has an annual turnover of nearly USD 1 Billion. Its growth over the years has been phenomenal as the company employs more than 23,000 personnel and has over 7000 equipments. Galfar is also the largest employer of Omanis in the Private Sector.

Galfar is also a company that sets the highest standards of safety in all its operations and has won several awards from the government and other organisations for the same. It has been honoured with the ‘Sword of Honour’ from the British Safety Council. Galfar is perhaps the one of the biggest and most such successful enterprises in Oman and in most of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Under the able leadership of P Mohammed Ali the company has been able to scale great heights and the award is a recognition of his contribution to the industry of Oman. Galfar specializes in Engineering Procurement Construction capability in the Oil and Gas sector and the award is an appreciation for the way Galfar has positively enriched this sector in Oman. Galfar has always shown great commitment to the delivery of projects and has excelled in execution capabilities of any work undertaken. The fraternity, through this award also appreciates the social commitment of Galfar as it has provided a large number of jobs to the natives, the citizens of Oman proving its ‘In Country Value’ or ICV. Through the years Galfar has provided a large number of jobs to Omanis who have risen to higher ranks within the company. It has also persevered in finding Omani graduates and post graduates and today the company is the largest employer of Omanis whose number stands at about four thousand, the largest in a private sector company. Galfar has also been remarkable in its ability to maintain HSE and Quality Standards.

Over the years Galfar has executed various prestigious projects in the Oil and Gas industry with various important companies like the Petroleum Development of Oman, British Petroleum and Occidental of Oman, Daleel, amongst many others. The services provided by Galfar include earthworks, well location construction, well hook ups and all related mechanical, electrical and instrumentation work as well as EPC and construction.

This award is thus yet another plume in the crowning glory of the company and a recognition of its commitment, steady growth and excellence in performance.

Galfar Engineering and it’s recent project wins

Galfar Engineering and it’s recent project winsEstablished by the renowned P Mohamed Ali, the Galfar Engineering and Contracting Co. is one of the largest construction companies in Oman. It is the organisation that has immensely contributed towards the development of this Gulf city. Established during the infancy period of the Gulf, this company has gained massive prominence over the years and has bagged some of the largest and biggest projects in different fields and sectors. Over the years, they have changed the face of Oman by constructing remarkable, modern infrastructure and providing jobs to thousands of Omanis.

As we all know that P Mohamed Ali, who came from a small town in Kerala, has been contributing towards making his own home country a better place to live and study. He has done major work towards refining the current state and condition of this land and given it a new face. Some of the recent projects done by Galfar are: Continue Reading →

The future of Construction and Infrastructure in Oman

The future of Construction and Infrastructure in OmanOman is one country that has developed very fast and continues to do so. The development of construction sector with growth and foundation of social infrastructure, and transport is the main aim of the Omani Government right now. While they continue to invest heavily in this endeavor, many market leaders like P Mohamed Ali and others who have come together in a joint meeting to work on developing this plan further.

Here are few major projects that will soon be completed in Oman in terms of construction and infrastructure: Continue Reading →

Galfar by P Mohamed Ali’s Latest projects news

The founder of Galfar Engineering and contracting Co., P Mohamed Ali, has contributed largely in the field of construction and engineering. The Galfar projects have extensively changed the infrastructure of Oman and provided a number of job opportunities to the citizens of this country.

Dr. P Mohamed Ali ‘s contribution has not been limited to Oman, he has also contributed a lot to his home country, India as well. Galfar’s success knows no bounds, over the years they have bagged some of the biggest projects in Oman and continue to do so. Here are the details of some of their latest projects. Continue Reading →